Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you seeking guidance in professional teeth whitening? You need to read this article and get informed about the facts and latest news about professional tooth whitening. First of all, you should know that is more than one bleaching method (in-office teeth whitening vs. at-home teeth whitening) offered by professionals as well as many different suppliers. This is why the price varies from one method and form one supplier to the other. Choosing amongst these options is not as easy as it might seem. Here you find valid information which will help up not to lose time, money and/or effort while you find the most suitable choice for you.

Regarding the in-office bleaching technique there are well established brands or suppliers. A renowned professional teeth whitening system in the market is Zoom which is popular because of the speed it works with.  All of these bleaching systems are proven effective in one hour after the application and have at-home versions of the product which take longer to brighten the shades on your teeth but which are also effective.

Since the bleaching products made specially to use at home, you must be clear on the instructions (how to use them correctly and for how long) and the expectations (how many shades brighter will your teeth get after using the product). A professional teeth whitener applied in the office takes an hour to work while at-home whiteners take days and some even weeks. They both work with a professional teeth whitening gel, a hydrogen peroxide based gel; the difference is that in-office applications are speed up the bleaching process with a laser while at-home applications don’t have aids.

A primary doubt people have about the use of professional whiteners is, which one is the best, in-office bleaching system or at-home whitening method? The fact is there is still not certain answer to this question. Both systems work under the same premise of hydrogen peroxide gel applied to your teeth make them from 5 to 10 shades brighter. However, they differ in the time of the application of the procedure, which means, the time you are willing to dedicate to your teeth whitening process and, the cost of each method. In-office whitening process costs around $1000 to get it done, depending on the supplier. An at-home whitening kit costs about $38 to $55 at easy reach in supermarkets and/or drugstores.

As you can see, using whiteners made by professionals can take out your fear of smiling and leave you with a bright and dazzling smile that everyone will envy. It is convenient, available, not that time consuming (in the case of at-home methods), easy and effective. Keep in mind that the results will vary from one person to another depending on each person’s lifestyle (how much coffee, tea, wine and/or antibiotics or any discoloring drugs you take), discoloration level, correct usage, and the whitener of choice. Also, to some people, sensitivity results during the whitening process but it usually disappears after it. When you decide to give your smile a good makeover, just ask your dental care provider for guidance in choosing the professional teeth whitening for you.